Saturday, 20 August 2016

Suicide Squad: Special Ops Tips & Tricks

With the recent release of the movie suicide squad in theatres, it seems like a game has been made for Android and iOS which ties in with the movie. Suicide Squad: Special Ops is a first person companion shooter and in it you can play as Harley Quinn, Deadshot and El Diablo as you try and fend off the waves of enemies. It can be a bit overwhelming at times, so that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best tips.


Watch Your Surroundings

In this game, it is very easy to be surrounded by enemies. That’s why you need to make sure you are always in a spot where you can see incoming enemies. Also if enemies are close by, then icons will pop up around you indicating where they are so enemies don't have a chance sneaking up on you. As they start to get really close, the icon will get bigger and bigger until eventually it turns to red which means they are about to attack you. Keep an eye on your allies, as they will sometimes go towards the next horde of enemies.


Switch Characters

If you are low on health, then switch to a different character. Whilst you may not like using that particular person, it means that you will have more health and will let the AI handle the low health character. This will save the character from dying, which will kill the character for the rest of the game. Your squad will always follow who you are, so never worry about where anyone is or if they are going to follow you.


Supply Drops and Upgrades

After every two or three waves a supply drop will fall. From this you can select one upgrade from a variety offered to you. You always want to choose the long term upgrade rather than the extra armour. The only time you want the extra armour is if your character is critically low on health. But most of the time an upgrade like higher health drop chance is much more beneficial as you play the game.


No Friendly Fire

There is no friendly fire in Suicide Squad: Special Ops so make the most of it! Don’t be afraid to shoot in the direction of the enemies even though your teammate is in the way. It’ll make no difference.


Special Attacks

Each character has special attacks that you should use in different ways and use often. For Deadshot, he can slow down time, called marksman mode, so that you can land headshots easier with him as that is a guaranteed kill for him. For Harley Quinn, she can charge into enemies and then follow it up with an overhead crush. This is called frenzy mode and is useful against large groups of enemies. For El Diablo, he only has one weapon which is to shoot fire out of his hands. Whilst you don’t have to find ammo, his pyrokinetic powers need to recharge and he has to be close to kill enemies for efficiently which may make you get hit a lot.



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