Friday, 5 August 2016

Mobile Strike Beginners Guide - Helpful Hints!

If you’re looking at this guide, then I assume you are new to the game Mobile Strike. By the end of this article, you should be able to gain a base level of knowledge on Mobile Strike and how the game works.


Create An Epic War Account

The first thing you should do in Mobile Strike is create an Epic War account. Not only will this allow you to keep opening supply crates, but this will also reward you with 500 free gold! As well as enabling you to restore your account if you lose your phone or forget your password.


To create an account you have to tap the “more” button in the right hand corner of your phone screen then selecting “EW Account”. Then enter your details and you’re signed up!


Changing Your Name

You need to change your name when you are first playing Mobile Strike as the default name base1234 or whatever shows that you are inexperienced. This means players may target you to get resources and turn you into a farm, which then is no fun for you.


To change your name, click on items at the bottom of the screen and under the special category should be a player rename item. This can be whatever you want.


Joining An Alliance

There are many benefits of joining an alliance in Mobile Strike and it is a necessity as well as you probably won’t do very well on your own. One of the major benefits for when you are starting out is that it helps you to speed up building and research times. Also it stops other players thinking of you as an easy target.


To join an alliance, simply tap the alliance button at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up all of the alliances which are open to join. For now, join any as it doesn’t matter what alliance you are in until you get to know people in your game. Once you make friends with people, you can then join better alliances which will make the game more exciting for you.


What Do I Build First?

After you get the pesky tutorial out of the way, there are a few things that you will build to get rewards from missions. The first is to build 10 level 1 farms. This allows you to complete 2 missions which rewards you with 112,000 food and 6,750 power in total.


Next you are going to build 10 oil wells, 10 quarries and 10 iron mines which will allow you to complete another mission. You can destroy some farms and some of those buildings once you have completed the missions (however you do want to keep some of those buildings).


Finally, you repeat what you have been doing for the buildings inside your base, which will be 10 hospitals, 10 training grounds and 10 banks. All of these buildings entitle you to two mission rewards.


Now that you have done all that, you should have around 200,000 of each resource and nearly 50,000 power. It is beneficial to do this at the start of the game as once you have higher levelled buildings, it is too time consuming.


Now that you are upgrading buildings, you can do them in any order you like as it has no effect on early gameplay. However you need to make sure that your HQ level is in line with the upgraded buildings levels, this is because your headquarters acts like a level cap for buildings and is your base level.


Before upgrading to HQ level 6, make sure that you have decided whether to use your free teleport. This teleport will allow you to move to any space in your state. This can be useful to move next to allies or away from enemies. Also the state in which you are in, cannot be changed once you go past HQ level 5 so make sure you don’t want to change state.


Research and Build Times

Only building/upgrading one thing and researching one thing at a time can be frustrating at times, but it is important that you use it wisely. Therefore, when you know you will not be playing the game for a certain length of time, then start your long builds or your long research. This ensures that when you can play, you are not wasting time waiting for the builds to finish.


Research is very important as it will make up the most of your power. Unlike troop power, research power cannot be taken away so use this to your full advantage! Once you reach this point in the app, you goal should be to be constantly building/upgrading and researching.



You should by now have some commander points and rebel points. These are fairly easy to change later on, so if a certain skill doesn’t suit you later on in the game, then you have the option to change it.


If you want to be powerful in mobile strike, then buildings and research is the way to go. Therefore, in your commander tree you will want to put all of your points in research 1 and construction 1 first and max them out. Then do what is required to reach research II and construction II and max them out. This will require you to build and research more in less time as your times are reduced.


For the rebel target skill tree, there is nothing specific that you should go for here. If you feel like you will benefit from that particular skill then unlock it as you can’t really do anything wrong here. But always remember, it is better to have a few maxed out skills than more weak skills as the bonuses you receive from them is massive towards the maxing out.


Killed Troops

When attacking or your troops are outside of your base and they are attacked, they will be permanently killed if any of them die. So when attacking, always bear this in mind as you don’t want to be caught short when trying to defend your base from a counter attack.


However the system completely changes if you are being attacked. If you are attacked, then your troops will temporarily die. How many temporarily die and permanently die depends on how many hospital beds you have, so if you have more hospital beds than troops then none of your troops will die. Although you do need to spend resources and time on healing the troops back up again, which is cheaper than making new units.


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