Friday, 12 August 2016

10 Awesome Tips For Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Lego Star Wars games seem to be fun for all ages and every game is as good as the next. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is another good game in the franchise and has everything you would expect from a Lego Star Wars game. However, it does have a couple of new features with one being the new multi-build system. Anyway, let’s get into the tips.


Take Cover!

If your character is running low on health, then you can easily regenerate health by taking cover. This will take a few seconds, but it is a nice feature to have in the game and is useful to know when the battles are going crazy.


Break All the Objects

Breaking all of the objects in a level of Star Wars is very important. This is because each level has a True Jedi status at the end of it which will only be reached if you collect enough studs. To help this, you should smash every object you see as they all contain studs. To find out if something breaks, smack it a few times. More often than not, that object will break if you keep hitting it and then it will release loads of studs helping you complete that objective.


Activating the Multiplier

Whenever you go into a new place and see studs lying on the floor, don’t collect them. What you should do is fight enemies, if they are around, and filling up the multiplier bar. If you can, you will want to fill this up till it reaches at least its two times multiplier. This will mean that the value of any studs you pick up now will be doubled. However, don’t do this with studs you get from broken objects, as they will disappear after a set time.


Red Bricks

Ideally, your first red brick purchase should be a value multiplier. This will enable you to purchase other things quicker in the future as you are picking up more studs in a shorter amount of time with a multiplier attached. So save up your studs at first and buy a value multiplier as soon as you can. Then you can buy any others that you want.


Use Your Special Attacks Wisely

When fighting enemies, keep a close eye on your combat bar. When it is nearly full, quickly get into the middle of a group of enemies. Then wait for the bar to fill completely and use your special attack immediately. This will allow you to take out a group of enemies all at once.


Hidden Minikits

In the first 3 levels, there are minikits that are only accessible through dive pools. This is a problem as there are only two characters that have aquatic capabilities which are Admiral Ackbar and Bollie Prindle. Therefore to get to these kits quickly, you will need to get 10 gold bricks and then complete the Before the Awakening mission “Poe to the Rescue”.


Use Vehicles in Hubs

Whenever you are in a hub, use a vehicle. They’re faster and better at destroying objects. This means that you will spend less time walking and more time finding hidden studs.


Starfighter Trials

When you are in a Starfighter, purple rings may appear. When you fly through those rings, a timed trial will begin in the area you are in. To complete this trial, look out for gates which you will need to fly through to continue the timed trial. Watch out for the arrows, as they will point you in the direction of the next gate.


Farming Studs

To farm studs, you can complete previous levels again. This will allow you to save up for that important upgrade or modifier.


Replaying Levels

Just like the tip above replaying levels can not only get you more studs, but it can also allow you to unlock different items. You may need to play as different characters, but this allows you to reach new places in the map which you haven’t been before.

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