Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Pokémon Go Egg Hatching Guide + Possibilities

In Pokémon Go, you can collect Pokémon by hatching eggs as well as by catching them. The eggs need to be hatched by walking/moving a certain distance which will either be 2km, 5km or 10km. This is a nice feature to the game as it allows you to get additional Pokémon without much effort, as you will be playing the game anyway. Also it means that you might not need to travel to different places to catch certain Pokémon as they are all accessible through hatching eggs.

Where do I get eggs and incubators?

You can get eggs and incubators by collecting them from drops at Pokéstops however incubators are rare. Unfortunately, you have no control over what type of egg you get; therefore you could be stuck with loads of 2km eggs. This means that you are only likely to hatch common Pokémon. Extra incubators can be bought from the shop.

How do I hatch the eggs?

Once you get some eggs, simply click the egg tab next to your Pokémon list and click the egg you want to incubate. You get one incubator with an unlimited amount of uses on it although you can buy more from the shop if you want to speed up the process however shop bought incubators will have 3 limited uses. Once the egg is in the incubator, your next step is to walk/move the distance stated on the egg which is 2 km, 5km or 10km. However you need to make sure you do not exceed the speed limit of around 20 miles per hour, otherwise the distance won’t be counted and you need to make sure the game is running as well.


•    Use the infinity incubator on the higher mileage eggs first as if you buy other incubators, it makes more sense to hatch those quickly to make more room.
•    You can hatch eggs by not even moving if you attach your phone to a ceiling fan and make sure it stays on. (I don’t recommend this as it has a high potential to go wrong!).
•    Make sure the white spinning poke ball symbol is not spinning in the top left corner as if you have server issues, no distance will be tracked.

Possibilities of Pokémon from the eggs

This is not a comprehensive list, however it is useful as a guide as it shows what types of Pokémon can be hatched from what eggs. Although a 5km egg can hatch a Pokémon which is more likely from a 2km egg and likewise with the 10km eggs. This also works in reverse with some users getting rare Pokémon from 2km eggs! But for a rough idea of what to expect then here is the egg hatching possibilities underneath.

pokemon go egg hatching guide

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