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Newbies Guide to Jungle Heat: Tips and Tricks to Become a Pro

Jungle Heat is a game all about defending your base and attacking other people's bases. So those are the two main factors that this guide will focus on. To make it easier, I will split the sections into two.

But please remember, that if you are making your base to be the most powerful defensive base in the game, it will take time to build it up. Also, don't forget to attack other people as well! Where's the fun in just building a base but not attacking anyone? Try and provoke a retaliation to get an attack back! That way you will see if your base is strong enough, and where you may need to improve it.

Jungle Heat: Defensive Tips

In a game like Jungle Heat, you have buildings which you must absolutely protect and buildings you shouldn't worry too much about. Well here are the buildings you absolutely must protect:

  • Command Center

  • Oil Refinery

  • Market

  • Gold Mine

  • Gold and Oil Stores

Why must you protect those buildings? Well simply because, they are your main moneymakers and products you need to advance in the game.


How to build your base to defend properly!

First of all when you are starting to build your base, place your command center in the middle of the map. This is the building you need to protect over all the others. Then around the command center place the gold stores, oil stores and market. Next, layer out your gold mines and oil refinery. Place walls around this square group of buildings to protect them. Tip: Having a double wall could help more against breaking the walls down.

Next, place a few cannons around the square and other defensive towers. A flame tower would be useful as it can also hit air units. Placing your clan HQ can have an impact on you successfully defending or not. Place your clan HQ near to the command center or away from the perimeter of the base. This is because, your troops can attack the enemy troops coming your way but airstrikes can take out the base fairly easily - so positioning isn't very important. Finally, you can build in the other buildings in the game around the edges of your "heart" as those buildings are less important. Although, you should always build a building in range of a tower as it is easy pickings for the enemies otherwise.


Can you block players deployments?

Yes and no. You can limit the space they can deploy their units in but not completely. Some of the areas where they can deploy units in are:

  • On green grass

  • On decorations

  • One space back from the map. In the jungle.

You can limit their deploy locations by turning green grass into mud by placing building two spaces apart. Also you can trick the enemy player into deploying troops in a location with green grass, that you have actually rigged up with traps. Simply leave a few random ground traps in a circle around a deploy location, and watch as the enemy retreats!


Jungle Heat: Base Offense

The main key in attacking in Jungle Heat is to steal resources, and hopefully destroy their base. There two types of a "successful" victory in my mind. One, destroying the command center as that then destroys the base. Or two, looting as many resources as you can! The main reason why people attack is to get resources, so that is what you should be aiming for too. Some tips for attacking are:

  • Avoid taking nurses with you. They don't do any good whatsoever.

  • Don't drop all your troops in one place. Spread them around the map, as then any mines will do less damage.

  • Increase your troop storage as soon as possible. This will allow you to take more troops.

  • Always use a variety of troops.

  • Try to attack abandoned bases. (Will be explained more below).

  • Use a bait trick to take out any pesky heroes that may be lurking on abandoned bases or just to weaken their defense a little.

How to find an abandoned base

There are two major signs, that a base is abandoned. One is the amount of tombstones the base has. If you see a very big amount of tombstones, that means the base is more than likely abandoned and you know that the clan HQ will be empty. The other sign is a full oil rig. If an oil rig is full, then that means that the owner hasn't been online in a while. When attacking these bases, be careful of heroes as they still patrol the base even if the user hasn't logged in for a while.


How to bait

You will want to bait enemies, like heroes, as it will make it easier on you. To do this simply place one troop to attack a building out of range of many defensive buildings and then the heroes will come running over to respond to the attack. When they get closer, drop 15-20 riflemen or slashers on them. That should easily complete the job.

Furthermore, for clan HQ's drop a unit in range of the clan HQ and watch them all come out. At this point, use an airstrike to wipe them all out instantly or drop loads of troops in. Although, an airstrike is easiest and the most effective.

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