Saturday, 8 August 2015

5 Reasons Why iOS is Better Than Android

Here are my 5 reasons on why iOS is better than Android. There isn't many though, as I personally think Android is better and had a hard time thinking in what areas iOS exceeds Android in. Nevertheless, here are some:

Apple Store Support

Personally, I think that the support that Apple give you when you have a problem is better than Android because if you find a problem with your Android phone/device then you have to contact the manufacturer. Now, some of these support lines for the manufacturer may be good, but I find that they aren't as quick and in some cases helpful as Apple when trying to resolve your problem. Obviously as I have said before there are exceptions to this, but I have found Apple support to be better most times I have needed them.


This concept of a personal assistant on your phone, which you could ask questions to and all kinds of stuff was first released by Apple if I am correct. Android has Google Now, but it is not as good and to have it instead of your default launcher, it changes your whole layout and gives the phone a more childish look in my opinion just because of the rounded apps and it all looks so much bigger. Whereas Siri already comes installed on your device, and it doesn't have to change the layout of your phone to use it. Although, Google Now is good at recognizing what I am saying in its text to speech function.

The App Store

Even though the Apple App Store is smaller than the Google play store, I like its ease of use and the apps that are available on it. Usually most popular games are on both stores, but iOS have a few exclusive games which are designed well and made well. Whereas when you open up the play store and find a different game, sometimes it lacks the quality that Apple would expect if it was on their store. Again, this is open to different apps you open as there will be bad and good ones on each store so it isn't that big of a deal.

The Camera

I always find that the camera on the iPhone or iPod Touch are much better than what I have on android. Again, this can depend on the type of Android device you have as to how good you camera is. But generally the iOS camera is good and is one of the best for the price of the device. Although with other manufacturers building better and better phones every year, the iPhone's camera has its rivals.

iPhone Holds Its Value

I'm not saying that any other phone doesn't, but iPhones and other iOS devices do hold their price pretty well. For example, the iPhone 4S came out in October 2011 but still retails at around £130 for a 16gb phone and for a 24 month contract, some carriers charge £30 upfront cost and then £15 a month every month for 24 months. That's a total cost of £390 on contract for a phone that came out at the end of 2011! The more important number here is £130, but it does show how good the phones hold their price and the potential demand for them.

Overall, I would still say Android is better than iOS without a doubt and you can check out my 5 reasons why Android is better here. There are just so many more reasons and these reasons on why iOS is better are quite weak compared to the strong argument of Android. Either way get a phone you enjoy using and can use. If Android is confusing to you continue with iOS and vice versa. However, I feel as if most people buying iPhones are doing so for the Apple name as to them it is their fashion statement and makes them feel popular and cool. Hey, whatever works for you I guess...

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