Thursday, 20 August 2015

10 Games Like/Similar To took off and went viral for some strange reason. I say strange because it is a really simple game, but it has entertained millions across the world and is still strangely addicting. With such a simple objective and easy to understand game, it has to be the best browser game out there to play and be somewhat familiar with what you're doing straight from the get go. Below is 10 games like, although some are fun browser games that aren't much like




This game is the most like It is called Osmos and the aim of the game is to eat other players to get bigger and to move you have to eject mass behind you, that to me is a lot like except from firing mass behind you. This game includes 47 different levels for you to try as well, so every time you play you should theoretically get a new level to play on.


Cosmic Crush

Love to eat things in Then you will in this game. In this game you have to eat planets that are smaller than you and avoid the bigger ones, just like you would do in Well this game has a very creative twist on it and that is gravity. When you get near a larger planet, its gravity will affect you so that it can pull you in. So with this game you have to watch out for more things than in




This game is exactly like, except it is on Android. If you head over to the Play Store then you can get this game for free. The objective of the game is to eat the dots and smaller players to become the biggest blob on the map just like in


Dot Munch Fight Club

Dot Munch Fight Club

This game is like and Nebulous as it is another Android copy of the game. If you know how to play then you will know how to play this game. There are a few options for customizing the level and your dot so that is a bonus over some other copy's out there. But for Android it seems as if this game or Nebulous will do you well.



This is a fun little game, where the objective is to get a piece of cheese back to your mouse hole faster than the other people. There are other people playing to get the cheese as well, so you have to be quick to get it. There are loads of levels and on every level is a shaman who either helps you bring the cheese back or ruins your chances. You can also level up and unlock different abilities and clothing items.


Realm Of The Mad God

It is a MMO shooter game that is quite fun to start playing. You go around a digital word fighting monsters, raiding dungeons and completing quests. It is like an MMO RPG kind of but it is fun. Its graphic style is awesome as it is very simple, but suits the style of the game very well. This seems like a game you would keep playing for hours on end as there is so much to do.



This game is all about growing trees on your comet to get the most resources you can. This game is a change of pace than as it is a slow moving game that will probably relax you. There is a story mode with over 25 levels, a relaxed mode, a skirmish mode, a dark matter mode and other levels that are unique and created differently every time.


Ant Evolution

Ant Evolution

Yet again another Android game, this time its Ant Evolution. This is not an clone, but its ideas are like it. You have to eat smaller insects to get bigger and to hide from bigger ones, you can hide under flowers or use abilities to escape. What's different is that this game has a boss at the end of the level that once you beat, you end the game.


Hax Ball

Like to play air hockey? That is what this game basically is but with a football and a football field. You are either a red or blue dot and you have to hit the ball into the other persons goal on their side of the field. With any other air hockey game you can only go on your side of the field but Hax Ball is the opposite as you can go on their side as well. Also you can have multiple players on the teams which makes for an interesting game of football.


Scala Dice

This is a turn based game that was based on a famous board game called RISK rules. You have to conquer all the territory on the board by using dice. It may sound a bit easy but when there is six opponents, you never know what is going to happen. Also it is all down to what number you roll at the time.


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