Thursday, 30 July 2015

Ted 2 Review

Following on from the hit of Ted, Ted 2 is the sequel to its successor. Unlike other sequels, this sequel is just as good as the first film if not better! If you loved Ted then Ted 2 is for you as it has the same humour style and silly shenanigans that we all saw in Ted. Although this film is about a teddy bear, it is not for children in any sense (just watch the first film to understand why the second is not appropriate as well). As with any review this may contain spoilers but hopefully not many.


In this film, you follow an animated teddy bear trying to win his court case that he is a person and not property. The film starts with a happy scene of Ted at the altar with his bride Tami-Lynn (played by Jessica Barth) getting married. From here on in, it is difficult to tell where this plot is going, but that is all cleared up a few scenes in. Ted finds out that his marriage to Tami-Lynn was revoked as Ted isn't a human being and he is now classed as property, this is where Ted's life falls apart. With credit cards being declined and being fired as he is not a person no more, Ted's life seems to be over but along with John Bennett (played by Mark Wahlberg) they decide to try and fight for his rights as a person. This ends up in them meeting an out of the ordinary lawyer and an adventure that is extraordinarily funny, whilst still fighting for Ted's rights. Meeting people along the way like Morgan Freeman and ending up in a heaven like field for Ted and John is only part of the crazy and ridiculous things they get up to. Although there is a familiar face after Ted and the secrets he holds. Will Ted escape him and win his rights?


Honestly, this film gets off to a slow and mysterious start as it makes you keep guessing what is going to happen next and where this story is going. But then everything becomes clear and the fun starts. Even though I like these outrageous comedy style films, some of the scenes were boring and almost seemed as if they were making up for time so the film could run for longer. However, there were mostly great scenes like Ted driving in a “unique” manner and the jokes in the film were relevant and up to date. There are sad times in this film, but only temporarily as you will find out if you watch it (too big of a spoiler).


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the film as I loved the first one so the second film is a bonus to me and still features his signature crazy lifestyle. You have to have a good sense of humour for you to enjoy this film, so if you do enjoy it then congratulations as you are a fun person as the people who wouldn't like this film will try to pick it apart but just relax and enjoy it. This is definitely not a film to over think. It is a must watch film if you love slightly rude comedies!


Is this film for children?
Definitely not! Just as much as The Hangover isn't.With drugs everywhere and sexual references in pretty much every scene this is not suitable for younger audience. Don't be fooled into thinking that this is about a teddy bear so it can't be bad, trust me it is not for children. If you do show them this then be prepared to answer a lot of questions after and to support them through their emotional scarring. Saying that, it isn't the worst film you could show them, Saw is probably worse just because it is so gory.


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