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Brick-Force Ultimate Guide: Weapons, Tips, Game Modes and More

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Brick-Force is a game where players can use their minecraft skills to build maps, that will then be the bases of an FPS. If you like first person shooters, then this game is for you regardless of the minecraft game style part - as you can just play on the maps and not make them. With a variety of weapons, costumes and maps to play on this game is unique! Coupled with the cartoon graphics style, it has a very retro feeling to the game.

If you are trying this game out for the first time and need some help, then you are in the right place. Or maybe you are just looking to see what the game is like. Whoever you are, this guide will help all of you.

Table of Contents
1. Game Modes.
2. Room Creation and Management.
3. Map Creation.
4. Equipment: Accessories, Clothes and Characters.
5. Weapons.
6. Tips and other pieces of information.
Game Modes
Currently, there are six different game modes to play on. These are team deathmatch, deathmatch, defusion, capture the flag, build 'n destroy and defense mode.

Team Deathmatch
A simple game mode, where you play in two teams (either red or blue) and whichever team gets the most kills wins! Up to teams of eight players by eight players on every map.

Every man for himself. It is you versus a number of other players on a big map. "Kill" means how many players have been killed so far and "count" is how many kills are needed to end the game. If the maximum number of kills isn't reached, then the game ends when the time limit has been achieved.

The red team must plant the bomb to win the round and the blue team must defuse it to win the round. The red team can win by planting the bomb and destroying the objective or killing every member of the blue team. Blue team can win by defusing the bomb, eliminate red team or survive the round time (which can vary) with one member of the blue team remaining.

Capture the Flag (CTF)
In this game mode, you must carry the flag to the enemy base to capture it. Whoever has the most captures wins the game. So if you're a member of the blue team, you must carry the flag to the red team's base. This is where teamwork is key.

Build 'n Destroy
Simply build whatever you want, and then you are placed into a team deathmatch scenario with your created map. I suggest to build a lookout tower, or an MG nest as then you can mow down the opposition easily.

Defense Mode
Two teams of four people, defined by either red or blue, must protect their own coloured bees or monsters, For example, blue team must protect the blue bees and vice versa. The point limit is set by the host, and the first team to loose all their points looses the game. You loose a point, when the other team manage to escort a monster to their exit portal.

Room Creation and Management
How do I create a room?
First, you have to choose a channel to play in. To do this double click on the channel you want to create. The options are:
Beginner - For the new players to Brick-Force. It includes a mini tutorial and you can only choose standard maps.
Medium - For players who are a bit more confident. Any map is allowed.
Veteran - For high-level players! Any map is allowed to be used!
Fun - Perfect for any player. Every map is playable.
Map Edit - For creating maps. Choose this one, for a minecraft style gameplay.
ClanMatch - For clan fights! Only maps bus depot, assault, warzone and barracks are allowed!
Now you can choose the map you want to play on, change the title of the room, choose how many players can play in the room, set up different options like team balancing and so on. Optional - set up a password so only people with that password can play on your map. Once you have reached your desired settings, then click confirm.

How to manage your room!
Be kind to the players in your room.
Give your room name a catchy title like train station devastation.
Welcome players to the room.
Stay by your computer, when running a room.
Respond to players messages. If they want the game to start, then start it.

Map Creation
When creating maps, you can build them with your friends or on your own. It is up to you. For your map to be played on, it must be registered. This is so that certain requirements can be fufilled, so that the map will work as a battlefield.

Certain bricks can only be used a set number of times. For most of the normal bricks, the number is set to unlimited but other bricks like the deco bricks or function bricks have certain limits. For example, you can only have two vulcan's or one vulcan and one AA-gun. To open up the brick menu, press "M".

Equipment: Accessories, Clothes and Characters
Accessories include bonuses like increasing total main weapon ammo, increasing secondary weapon ammo, experience (XP), luck and points. There are fourteen different bags to choose from, three different canteens, five different chests, four different holsters, four different leg cases, seven different masks, eight different side ammo pouch's and nine different waist bags. Every side ammo pouch increases your secondary weapon's ammunition by 10%. Similarly, all of the waist bags increase your main weapon's ammunition by 10%. So the accessories are more of a fashion statement, as opposed to being better in battle.

There are two event characters AlienWare head and Brick Fawkes. However, there are eleven original characters which are Mr Box, Mr Elec, Mr Oven, Mr Signal, Mr, Mrs, Mrs Box, Evil Professor's head, Professor's head, Robo head and Exstraterrestial's head. Every character gives you a certain bonus towards points, luck and XP in the game. So if you had one hundred force points gained in the match, with Mr Elec you would get an extra two points.

Changing clothes from the default clothes given to you at the start of the game, can give you certain boosts like increased XP, points and luck. How much a certain piece of clothing boosts you up by, is dependant on the item of clothing. Also don't forget to upgrade your clothes with upgrade gems to gain armour! This can be helpful in close quarters combat!

There are too many weapons to name to put here, but you can look here at the weapons list. First of all, there are seven different types of weapons available. These include:
Medium weapons - Useful at close to medium range.
Heavy weapons - Slow fire rate, but heavy damage.
Long weapons - These are basically sniper rifles. This is the gun you need to take out enemies at long range.
Light weapons - Fast fire rate and good damage. Only useful in close quarter combat situations.
Melee - When you feel like clonking your enemies round the head with an object.
Specials - Beware of these bombs, as they are very deadly.
Secondary - Grab your pistol, when you have run out of ammo for your main weapon.

Tips and Other Information
These are my tips for Brick-Force:
1. When shooting, don't hold down the mouse button repeatedly click it. This will help to reduce recoil.
2. Hold down the "Shift" key to move silently.
3. Aim with sniper rifles by using the right mouse button.
4. Upgrade your clothes and weapons with upgrade gems.
5. Quickly switch to your secondary when you run out of ammo for your primary weapon, if you are being shot at or in a high risk area.
6. Run at the enemy with your spawn shield activated. When you die, you have a spawn shield that lasts a few seconds. If you shoot or release a grenade, your spawn shield will disappear.
7. The respawn time lasts 5 seconds (or 3 seconds for premium members).

How to deal with lag!
Is lag getting you down? Well a simple fix, is to shut down any other applications that may be using the internet and turn your graphics down to low. You can do this in game by pressing the escape key twice and then clicking "settings". Under display or something similar, you shall see a graphics slider bar. Turn this down to low. This should make the game run smoother, if not the it might be time to get a new internet connection!

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