Thursday, 30 July 2015

5 Reasons Why Android is Better Than iOS

Variety of Phones to Choose From

The first and most important point on why Android is better than iOS, is that there is a variety of phones to choose from. Instead of being bound to the next iPhone that comes out, you can get any phone you want that suits your needs. If you want a phone with a good camera, you can get it. If you want a phone with upgrade-able storage and a removable battery you can have it! You can literately get a phone for you, that suits you. Also some of the phones are cheaper than an iPhone, but this does depend on the phone you get. Obviously if you want the latest Samsung phone, you would pay the same price as the latest iPhone.

No using iTunes!

This is the second biggest thing as I really hate iTunes for moving music onto my device. I know you can use third party software like CopyTrans to do it, but it is not as simple as Android for moving music onto your device. With Android you can plug your phone into your computer and open up the folder for your music and copy and paste it in. Simple. Or you can even go as far to download a file transfer app like Airdroid which moves files over your Wi-Fi onto your phone on the same network. But with the iPhone you must use iTunes and import it into your library then sync it with your device. Which doesn't seem that bad, but I have encountered numerous issues with iTunes when syncing music (that's why I use CopyTrans on my 2nd gen iPod Touch for music, much easier).

Charging Cables, Removable Batteries and Upgradeable Storage

Ever been on holiday or to a friends house and forgot to take your charging cable with you? We've all been there, including me. With an Android phone, most use a usb to micro usb or mini usb charging cable. Where can you get these? Everywhere (There is probably one in every house as they are used for many different appliances). How much for? Anywhere from £1 to as much as you want to spend. So it is easy to get a replacement cable as they are so common and any good digital goods store should supply them. The iOS charging ports though are a different story. It has Apple's own shape connector, so it is harder to find a cable as you need a specific type. Also stores may charge more as they know that their isn't much their target audience can do to get a different cable. Sure you can shop around for the cheapest price, but they are a lot less common in stores and can you really be bothered to go into store after store to get the best price? Also with an iPhone or other iOS device you can't get removable batteries or upgrade your storage with an external memory card. Well you can remove the battery but not by sliding the case off the back, as you have to take off the screen to get to it. There are Android exceptions to this as well though.

More customization and the Google Play Store

Android phones are more customizable than iPhones as you can get a variety of apps and mods that you can install to change most things you would want to. For more advanced users though, you can root your Android phone. This is basically the same as jail breaking an iPhone, but there are way more kernels and themes for rooted Android phones for jail broken iPhones. Furthermore, the Google Play Store hosts more apps that the Apple App Store and has more developers working on Android apps than on iOS apps.

Use it as a Flash Drive

With Androids simplicity of putting files onto your phone using your charging cable and a computer, you can put files on which you need to move to another computer onto your phone and use it like a flash drive. There is no worrying about if they have iTunes installed or whether it will work with a different computer, you can just plug and play with Android and move files to anywhere you need to, with you.

Those are a few of my points on why Android is better than iOS. The one which I think is the most important is the variety of devices to choose from. There is so much choice and each one will suit you in a different way, and can even get a specially suited device for your needs. Big storage, good camera or even gorilla glass on the screen, you can choose what features you need and get the most appropriate phone for you. You can check out my 5 reasons why iOS is better than Android here.

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